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Innovation Research Center (CBnI)

The Innovation Research Centre is located on the ground floor of the Student Hall of Residence. The Centre was established in 2012 under the project “Innovation Research Centre on health, IT technologies and renewable energy sources – research infrastructure at Pope John Paul II State School of Higher Education in Biała Podlaska” implemented by Pope John Paul II State School of Higher Education in Biała Podlaska and co-funded from European Union funds under the Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland 2007-2013, Measure I.3 Supporting innovation.

The Main Building of Pope John Paul II State School of Higher Education
in Biała Podlaska

The Innovation Research Centre in Biała Podlaska invites all science-related institutions and economic entities interested in research and development activities carried out in the laboratories in the following research areas:the Department of Public Health – diagnostic and epidemiological research on communicable diseases; currently research on tuberculosis and Lyme disease is conducted; the Department of Computer Science – research on the development of optical techniques for collecting and processing information; the Department of Civil Engineering – renewable energy is the main area of research and basic implementation activities.

The Innovation Research Centre supports the scientific development of three fields: civil engineering (majoring in renewable energy sources), public health (with the programme of research on Lyme disease and tuberculosis); computer science (components for optical image processing, telecommunications and semiconductor components).

The Centre includes the following laboratories: materials and result analysis laboratory, microbiology laboratory, deactivation and decontamination laboratory, serology laboratory, immunology laboratory, molecular biology laboratory, genotyping laboratory, optics laboratory, cleanroom, 2 simulation laboratories, chemical laboratory, 2 technical rooms, 2 renewable conversion laboratories. The total usable area of the Centre amounts to 1142.36m2.

In the Innovation Research Centre, there are also conference and information rooms, common for all the laboratories and equipped with necessary devices and equipment.

The Centre is designed to start and develop a cooperation between economy and science. The research and technologies offered may be used both in production and services. They will lead to the development of the potential and growing competitiveness of the regional enterprises. The activity of the Innovation Research Centre greatly stimulates economic entities to invest in modern and innovative solutions aiming at the improvement and growing competitiveness of the activity conducted by entrepreneurs.



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